dataxpress retrieves data per query from the Power i server and helps to prepare it. The tool is a client/server based expansion for MS Excel, an add-in, that includes all of Excel‘s functionality. It offers all of the conveniences, structure and processing capabilities of Excel. After installing dataXpress, new symbols and menubars will be visible.

If you can work with Excel, you can work with dataxpress
Employees, via dataxpress, can independently and without IT support, define and process queries from the Power i, without programming, system, database or SQL knowledge. Knowing Excel is enough.


Define once, always available, always current
Queries, once defined, persist – including formatting and previously defined data connections. dataxpress retrieves the data from the Power i system – automatically as the spreadsheet opens or with a mouse click. The user always has actual data available.

Employees become less dependent on IT
Employees (in their own departments) with dataxpress can define and process their own queries against the Power i from a Windows PC without IT support and expensive IT project time. No more waiting for someone who has time in IT to deliver the required data.

Use Excel to import Power i data - and load changes back!
Actual data can be changed on the PC and written back out to the Power i: from the Power i to Excel, data is transfered and stored in a temporary work environment so that changes, through working with Excel, can be held. Then, in a second step, the changes to the original data on the Power i can be updated.

Full data upload function
With dataxpress you can upload Excel data to the Power i system and create full, new databases. The field types and lengths of the new data are automatically derived. These functions are suitable for

  • Use copies of the data with different content for test purposes (what if scenarios)
  • Transfer data (prices, articles) already in an Excel format to business partners.

High Security
Not all data on a Power i System is public. Tiered rights management and control from dataxpress prevents unauthorized data access. It protects existing queries from inadvertent changes and unauthorized usage. Sensitive information can only be viewed by authorized personnel. Rights can be assigned in a user profile as well as to specific groups.

Query across servers
Using an Excel spreadsheet you can retrieve data from different Power i /multiple machines that have been saved with the iSeries name. For example: sales data can be retrieved and compared in a single Excel spreadsheet from different corporate branches.

It was never easier
With dataxpress, not only can you view Power i data, you can manipulate it and write it back out. The tool uses the complete desk top functionality of Excel and saves users from awkward work arounds as well as time, money and nerves. All our users agree – it quickly pays for itself.