directdial is an intelligent CTI solution for iSeries / Power i. It integrates functions from the computer and telephone and automates and simplifies all telephone processing that otherwise are performed manually. It offers countless conveniences over that of a normal PBX.

Call with one click
Professional dialing, relaxed calling: with directdial you can dedicate your time to the call – in normal work places as well as in contact intensive departments (sales, retail, customer service or hotline). directDial, in one fell swoop, makes calling for all employees more efficient, more relaxed and more productive.

More than 30 percent of all call attempts are in error
Coordinating telephone calls is hard work. Outbound – 30 percent of all manually dialed calls are in error. Either the number is misdialed or the number is incorrect, either due to misreading the number (eye strain from looking at paper or monitor to the telephone keys) or not remembering the long numbers because the short-term memory is overwhelmed. Inbound – is not much easier. Pick up the receiver, understanding the name correctly, greeting the caller, grasping the situation, leaving your current application, searching for personal data or events in the system, etc. Frequent, intensive telephone calling without technical support allows for an unproportional increase in error statistics and a decrease in productivity. The solution: employees must be relieved from mundane technical responsibilities associated with telephone calling. Good CTI software can do that. It will save time, increase productivity, improve service and optimize processes.


Outbound: reliable and error free dialing!
directdial dials directly out of your applications (Lotus Notes, Outlook, etc.). It couldn’t be easier: find the recipient’s address, press the key and directDial takes over by retrieving the correct telephone number so there is no misdialing.
directDial uses a single API function (DIALNBR) to connect to out-going telephone calls. The telephone number will be handed off via TCP/IP to an included directdial server (optional) that makes the connection.

Inbound: Identify your caller and greet personally!
directdial, when coupled with an application (such as CRM or Customer Management), can identify callers based on the telephone number. Telephone data is matched to stored data and personal information of the caller will be displayed. The employee can adjust to the caller even before he answers. Customers feel the personal touch as friendly and professional.

Automatic application startup based on work place: the employee automatically has caller profile and information available (such as open items, last quotes, latest order status, etc.) on the monitor.

Centralized telephone information: Everyone always dials correctly!
directDial‘s centralized telephone numbers makes it possible for all employees to use.

  • Coupled with a central directory (CRM, etc.)
  • Control of iSeries telephone data via directdial
  • Entry of telephone data into the address database from directdial

Changes are maintained centrally, there are no more single instance solutions!

Convenient Administration
The adminstrator can manage all directdial functions easily via the new web-based platform.


Easy connection, simple integration
Functions with the latest telephone equipment:directdial uses CSTA or TAPI middleware and utilizes most of the leading TK equipment.
Cost effective Skype telephony: Integrated VoIP telephony with Skype makes it possible to call with IP based networks. Calls within the Skype community are free or extremely economical in a hard-wired network.
Connections from corporate offices:directdial connects to any number of telephone extensions. Independant equipment in branch offices can, for example, be connected to a central iSeries (via VPN based network connections). Advantage: central access and usage.

Call management
The directdial Call Manager stores calls that could not be answered. From the manager’s call list, you can immediately redial and call back. It also displays past received calls.

directdial receives award
In 2009, directdial was awarded the renowned IT Innovations Award for Excellence.