Email has become the most widely used communications form in business. It is fast, convenient and more economical than any other way. It is true that many companies still prefer to send legal and contractual documents traditionally by mail, fax or EDI. Yet, sending electronically with directmail is just as secure. directMail sends legally binding business documents, thanks to integrated digital signature with positive sender identification, faster and cheaper than all other methods.

An investment in these modern technologies (switching from sending paper to Email) is made back within a year.  Use the ROI-Calculator (download) to easily determine how quickly the investment pays off.

Manage Emails perfectly
directmail is a fully capable Email manager for Power i Systems. Send and receive from terminals like the PC with direct integration in applications via APIs. Programs like Outlook or Notes cannot compare with directmail operationally and functionally. The solution was developed for companies that needed a centrally installed, easily administrated, secure Email platform for the Power i to manage the entire external and internal communication.

Send Power i Objects and Spooler data
directmail sends and packages PC data, spooler data, Power i objects, libraries and data. Spooler data can be sent, among others, in PC formated TXT, HTML, PDF or E-PDF (PDF with embedded layouts) as mail attachments. directMail also processes spooler data with unicode character sets (East Europe and Asia).

Save time: Convenient and Automated
Outgoing Email
directmail, through Automail, offers automated rule-based essential functions. Spooler data with directMail can

  • immediately after creation automatically send to a stored mail address
  • automatically transfer into different formats before distribution
  • separate large spooler data into individual pages
  • graphically prepared with modern fonts
  • store spooler data automatically (including indexes) in IFS or archival system after distribution

Incoming Email
The incoming Email assistant from directMail processes rule-based detailed Emails, produces workflows and takes over repetitious tasks. Based on the sender or the content of the mail, functions can be automatically set to:

  • “Out of Office” message to the sender of the mail
  • Automated response suitable to the query
  • Automatically inserts sender in a distribution list (address book)
  • Reroutes / forwards Emails to other receivers (e.g. temporary contact), also by fax!
  • Notification of incoming Emails on mobile device
  • Start any Power i program and further process the Email contents.
  • Every automated function can be combined with any other function.

Send mail out of your applications
directmail can, without programming or adapting your own applications, be implemented easily as it works with the original spooler data and the Power i database.
The solution can also be integrated into your applications with programmable interfaces (APIs): directmail offers, as an option, programmable interfaces (APIs). This solution makes available all of your functions directly out of your application.

Save with a qualified digital signature*
The qualified digital signature allows for legal conforming electronic transmission of documents with little effort and cost in comparison to traditional mail. directmail sends Emails (e.g. with a PDF invoice as attachment) quickly, precisely and cost effectively – with qualified digital signature directly out of the Power i. Users can choose from a multitude of options for signing Email attachements:


Signature law compliance
Along with the PDF data for electronic document transmissions, a signature is generated that is sent with the Email and archived with the receiver. As needed, (e.g. company audit) the Email with the signature can be validated. The requisite validating software is available as freeware on the Internet. Cost savings in comparison with paper mail: about 1.50 Euros per item.

Signature law non-compliance
After spooler data is converted to PDF: Encoded PDF data can be sent directly out of the Power i. They can be opened with a password that is shared with the reciever through other means.
Sign Emails with advanced electronic signature: Emails and attachments are encoded with the S/MIME standard. Signature check via Windows functions (i.e. via Microsoft Outlook).

*The German Signature law (SigG) states that an electronically sent invoice is only valid when the sender can be positively identified and the contents of the transmittal are confirmed to not have been altered. These requirements must be maintained even after the passage of time. Faxes and Emails that are signed and sent using the Toolmaker products, receive an electronic stamp that can be validated with special software.

The convenient Email Manager

  • Send and receive Emails on PC and terminal
  • Navigate your entire mail system through automatic functions
  • Send spooler data automatically without user interaction
  • Separate large spooler data automatically into individual pages
  • Send spooler data as TXT/HTML/PDF
  • Multiple Email addresses per user
  • Economical and fast software distribution
  • Send attachments with PC data, the spooler and Power i objects
  • Programmable interface for integrating Emails into your application