Data out of Power i, the convenience of Word
Individual documents and mass documents (letters, Emails, faxes) in business correspondence use data from the Power i database, e.g. addresses, titles and text.

directword uses templates in which field names / place holders are uniquely entered. When a document is generated directword places the actual data of each required data record directly out of the Power i and creates single and multiple documents as individual as a personally hand written letter.

Complex reports and data access
Even simple text processing systems can exchange place holders with data but building documents with multiple levels is beyond them. directword can. The solution is created on the basis of defining a single template of a highly complex document (indivdual quotes, incidental expense statement, minutes, lists, etc.); retrieving data from multiple sources and creates a new conclusive document.

In business there are many requirements that need to be observed to use particular texts or modules. directword integrates text modules in predefined places in the document. They are selected from existing and established conditions. The results: documents that look as if they were hand written.

directword makes the entire business correspondence efficient
Every document that needs to be written more than once, is more econmical through directWord. A template can be created very fast and data access is easy to define. Serial documents are created just as easily.

All documents can optionally be faxed or emailed instead of printed on paper. The optimizing and savings through directword are reached because the user no longer needs to type much or do a lot of insertions; directword takes care of it all.

Increased convenience through direct access

directword retrieves Power I data through a series of dialogs. This way, Office products have the possibility of considerable expansion: retrieve address records directly out of the customer database, generate open item reminder notices, and retrieve templates for AGBs from the Power I database. Data can be used directly in applications like Excel, Outlook and Word.

Take care of your entire company correspondence more quickly, easily and economically

  • Create individual letters and high volume serial letters
  • Installed in Windows XP / Vista
  • Generate letters, Emails and faxes automatically
  • Bring data from multiple sources into a single document
  • Hand over mixed documents in Outlook or Lotus Notes
  • Organizational workflows and existing applications remain