The Beginnings

Users in the software world have known about Gruenbichler Software Systems GmbH since as far back as 1986. They made a name for themselves with their innovative development in new tools for the AS/400 (System i, iSeries, i5) as well as their knowledgeable and informative IT-training in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. After renaming the company to TOOLMAKER SOFTWARE GmbH, this focus and commitment has not changed.

Our Motto

Customer Satisfaction and Service are our top priorities here at TOOLMAKER as well as continual new software development for IBM Systems.

Our Certifications

Another milestone in our company’s history was when we received the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certification in 1997. A high degree of quality is assured through this Quality Management System.

Austria and Switzerland

All German speaking EU member states such as Austria are serviced from Germany.

In order to consult and support TOOLMAKER customers in Switzerland, we opened a branch office in Luzern in 1990.

Our Tools

For over 20 years TOOLMAKER has offered high quality tools for modern communications via E-Mail, Fax, CTI (connection through your telephone system with iSeries applications) and SMS (retrieval and transmission of corporate data via cell phone).  Other products allow integration from iSeries data in MS Word as well as integration of multimedia data in the iSeries world. Of course, TOOLMAKER also offers protection of the iSeries against unauthorized access and data theft as well as 24 hour monitoring of all processes and programs and immediate notification via cell phone.

Numbers don’t lie

Since 1990, TOOLMAKER has acquired over 5000 customers and has sold more than 20,000 products. Since then, we add about 200 new customers every year and about 500 licenses. You can trust the market leader as no other software vendor in the entire German speaking region has a greater IBM customer base.