directaccess4i is a database middleware program that offers real-time direct access to Power i RPG or COBOL programs on almost all external databases (Oracle, Informix, MySQL, and others). Data from external sources can be read as well as written to.

Native control over external databases
The Power i is not the only database system in most businesses. There are many special applications that only run on specific database platforms such as Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, etc. Control over these databases is made possible quickly and easily with directaccess4i: directaccess4i retrieves almost all formats directly and in real-time from the Power i to external databases. This happens extremely fast and without awkward workarounds or slow file transfers.

Direct access from the application
With directaccess4i you can access external databases directly with native applications (such as RPG, Cobol, CL, Free Format, RPG III). directaccess4i is integrated per Call directly in the different programs. A completely normal SQL command statement can be submitted (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and SELECT).

No learning curve for the user
directaccess4i can be used quickly, simply and without any special learning curve. Programmers need not acquire any additional “Know How”; they can jump in and go. Power i and RPG knowledge is sufficient.

Numerous database formats supported
directaccess4i supports the following database formats: MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Firebird, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Sybase Advantage Database Server, IBM DB2 V9 for Linux, Unix, Windows and z/OS, as well as IBM DB2 for Power i. Other databases can be used via ODBC or temporarily natively integrated.

pureXML – native XML in the database
XML import/export is no longer needed as the DB2 version 9 pureXML favors direct XML processing to speeds of 100 times faster! pureXML functionality, due to directaccess4i, can be used with older releases of the i OS.

Fast, secure gateway connection
directaccess4i works via a gateway program on a computer that runs the Microsoft .NET framework. With ADO.NET technology it is possible to access external databases flexibly and quickly.